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#L-600Manufacturer: LENCO
Manufacturer #:L-600


The Original Lenco Shortstub Holder

Mechanical Pressure locks in the electrode. A quarter
turn of the handle locks the jaws tightly on the electrode.
Maximum mechanical pressure holds the electrode securely
and insures cool running up to amp capacity. Turn
back the handle to release the electrode stubs. The cable
attaches to the brass body with large oval point
screws, providing excellent conductivity. Head insulators
are molded from a high impact / high temperature
fiberglass compound. The handles are molded from a
flame retardant and excellent heat and impact resistant
nylon material. Guard ring covers handle screw and must
be kept in place.

L-400 and L-600 have largest brass body of any
shortstub holder on the market.

L-600Amp Capacity: 600
Cable Capacity: 3/0 to 4/0
Electrode Capacity: Up to 5/16” (7.9 mm)
Weight: 29 oz. (825 grams)
Brass Body has two oval point screws to hold
cable secure.

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