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300 A GROUND CLAMP Man. Weld. Products 9205-1330

#VFGC-300Manufacturer: ESAB
Manufacturer #:9205-1330


Tweco┬« Ground Clamp with an amperage capacity of 300 A has a 1 – 3 1/2″ deep jaw opening and the 7 1/4″ clamp features a ballpoint thru 3/0 cable connection capacity. The roto-ground shaft twists into the tapped back of the roto-work clamp and is moved from one weldment to the other without taking out the roto-ground from it. Made from a copper alloy, it saves the welding time and the large screw along with the ample contact surface area facilitates efficient operation. It is ideal for high amperage Ground applications and has a tough, reliable design. The ballpoint screw holds the welding cable to the ground cable and the heavy-duty insulated spring offers the clamp force to the work surface. Clamp features copper cast upper and lower jaws and is perfect to use on a flat plate.
Copper cast upper and lower jaws
Insulated spring
Ideal for use on flat plate
Heavy duty spring provides the clamping force to the work surface
Rugged and reliable design
Ball-point screw secures the welding cable to the ground clamp

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