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#L02300Manufacturer: LENCO
Manufacturer #:02300


LENCO’s magnetic grounds offer convenience, efficiency and quality. Both the MRG-500
and MSG-500 are designed to ensure greater efficiency with less overheating due to fewer
junctions. Each allows the operator to keep the ground close to the work area improving the
weld quality, decreasing the weld time and increasing operator production output. LENCO
magnetic grounds are designed for up to 4/0 cable for maximum current carrying capacity.
(for use on ferrous materials only)
The MRG-500 is designed to be used for any rotary type welding work where cable can
become twisted. The MRG-500 covers 12 square inches giving good stability with approximately
4 inches of actual current carrying contact. The MSG-500 also has 12 square inches of contact
surface, 3 square inches per side, which can be mounted in any position and still perform efficiently.

Model MSG-500

500 Amp Capacity
Two oval point screws with cover for cable connection
3/0 – 4/0 Cable Capacity
4 lbs.

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