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WHIP CABLE 2/0 10' LC40M G500A

#MW-WHIP-GC20Manufacturer: MAXWELD
Manufacturer #:MW-WHIP-GC20


Pre-assembled welding stingers/whips, leads, and ground clamps combine our industry-best Flex-A-Prene® products along with Maxweld, genuine Lenco- and Tweco-brand components for excellent conductivity and maximum power transfer. Built to outwork and outlast.

• Ready-to-use; no on-site cutting, crimping, or terminating

MW-WHIP – 10′ #2 Welding Cable, LC-1040 Connector and MW-400S Electrode Holder

MW-WHIP-GC20 – 10′ 2/0 Welding Cable, LC-40M Connector and MWG-500A Ground Clamp

MW-WHIP-TWGC – 3-1/4′ (1 M) 2/0 Welding Cable, LC-40M Connector and Tweco GC-500 Ground Clamp

Any custom whip cable can be made, call or email to inquire

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