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#EKP100Manufacturer: EASYKLEEN
Manufacturer #:EKP100


EASYkleen Plus
Our most popular model, ready to clean, all day, every day.
– High powered DC only output using a patented waveform specifically designed for weld cleaning
– Will work on TIG, Stick and MIG welds to provide the highest possible corrosion resistance
– Fast and safer than traditional weld cleaning methods, whilst also being more economical too
– Extremely simple to operate and with five brushes in the range, every weld geometry is covered

The EASYkleen Plus Brush is a high powered DC only unit using a patented waveform
which is optimized to “shake” the surface particles loose, meaning lightning fast cleaning speed.
It has a range of brush electrodes to suit all weld types. It can clean TIG, MIG and stick welds whilst
providing the highest possible corrosion resistance due to it using the process of electro-polishing.
Highly portable with great reliability and very low running costs, the EASYkleen Plus Brush is a must have
for any stainless steel fabricator.

Specifi cations
• Input 110 or 240v 50/60 Hz
• Output 30-80 amps
• DC only output
• Dual transformer
• 100% duty cycle
• 8 kgs in weight
• No load voltage <35 VDC
• Generator safe
Benefi ts
• Simple to use
• Low ongoing running costs
• Safer for user and environment
• Multiple brush options
• Works on TIG, MIG & Stick
• Highest corrosion resistance
• Match any fi nish (2B to mirror)

Part Number EKP100 Includes:
1 x EKP105 Spot Brush
1 x EKP106 Craftsman Brush
1 x EKP107 MIG Brush
1 x EKP114 Master Brush
1 x EKP110 Handle & Lead
1 x EKP111 Power Lead
1 x EKP112 Clamp & Lead
1 x EKP102 Solution
1 x Manual

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