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Manufacturer #:MEPBLITZ


mepBLITz DC-i5
Top of the line unit with optional bath for full immersion of smaller parts
– Powerful inverter driven weld cleaner with adjustable amperage control from 30-150amps
– Can be used as a solution fed, dipping or bath option depending on what the user requires
– Uses the largest brush electrodes on the market which are up to 120mm (4”) in width
– Liquid cooled inverter power source provides excellent reliability for continual use all day long

The mepBLITz DC-i5 is highly adaptable with multiple electrode options, including an optional bath
add-on, the fi rst of its kind for a portable electro-polisher. Using patented inverter technology,
this global leader in stainless steel weld cleaning blows the competition away with its enviable
speed utilizing its ingenious “solution delivery system” to feed carbon fi bre brush electrodes up
to 120 mm wide! The mepBLITz DC-i5 has up to 150 amps available power on its output, that coupled
with the largest solution fed brushes on the market today, you really need to see this unit in
action for yourself the speed and quality of fi nish it can produce, whilst saving you a large
amount of time in labour costs.

Specifi cations
• Input 110-240v 50-60 Hz
• Output 30-150 amps
• DC only output
• Inverter driven (liquid cooled)
• 100% duty cycle
• 10 kgs in weight
• No load voltage <35 VDC
• 15 amp power plug

Benefi ts
• Highly adaptable
• Solution fed system
• Safer for user and environment
• Largest brush options
• Faster than other methods
• Works on TIG, MIG & Stick
• Highest corrosion resistance
• Match any fi nish (2B to mirror)

Part Number MEPBLITZ Includes:
1 x MEPIMSH M Handle
1 x EKP112 Clamp & Lead
1 x EKPS15-142W 15 amp Power Cable
1 x MEPISP10 Coolant
1 x 151MEP Brush
1 x Manual

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