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WhaleSpray 3627 Red Pickling Gel, Stripper, 5.9G Drum

#WSP-3627GManufacturer: WhaleSpray
Manufacturer #:3627G0014

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The corrosion resistance and life cycle of stainless steel surfaces are dependent on a thorough and professional surface treatment. A good pickling technique eliminates the problems of corrosion in order to achieve a dense and uniform surface.

WS 3627 G SPRAY Pickling gel is the result of the technique developed according to the latest research in austenitic stainless Cr / Ni steel surfaces that can not be treated by immersion. WS 3627 G is safe and easy to use, guaranteeing optimal results. WS 3627 G SPRAY produces a uniform glossy and reliable satin appearance eliminates all signs of ferrite corrosion potential, external oxide, reduced chromium layers and abrasions. Depending on the material treated and the treatment time WS 3627 G SPRAY removes 1 to 2 microns from the surface.

  • Fast and reliable pickling of large surfaces
  • Does not dry on the surface
  • Suitable for metal pickling


After treatment the surfaces are rinsed with water using a high pressure system. WS 3627 G SPRAY can remain on the surface for several hours, even at night, without causing excessive pickling of the surface or drying of the paste on the surface. Rinsing the treated surface is therefore always necessary. This makes possible particularly efficient work of large surfaces can be sprayed all with a subsequent washing of the entire surface or spraying can be done at the end of the day followed by a rinse the next morning. During the application the instructions for use must be followed and the protective clothing and safety glasses must be worn. Wash waters, which are strongly acidic and contain metals dissolved in the pickling process, have to be disposed of according to statutory and regulatory laws.

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