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#84B1050AManufacturer: OXYLANCE
Manufacturer #:84B1050A

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.840″ (O.D.) Burning Bar with Plain End
10’6″ length, 16 lbs each

There are a number of generic terms used to describe exothermic cutting torches commonly called Burning Bars, they are also referred to as Lance Bars, Lance Rods, Mag Bars, Mag Rods, Burning Lances, Exothermic Torches, Thermic Torches and Thermic Lances. Oxylance manufactures a wide variety of diameters and lengths from the .405” od to our largest burning bar at 1.05” od. Lengths available are 5’3”, 7’, and 10’6”.

Burning bars are measured by the outside diameter (O.D.) of the pipe or tube.

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