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1/4" BULK R GRADE GREEN SINGL HOSE - Acetyl. 521804205 7121-25200 REELS 700' - 800'

#HOSR14SGBManufacturer: PARKER
Manufacturer #:7121-25200

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Parker’s Series 7121 Grade R Single Line Oxygen Welding Hose provides excellent service across a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. The hose is available in long continuous lengths for efficient inventory management and maximum utility at cramped or hard to reach job sites where the gas sources are separated and a twin line is not practical. The green cover is ribbed for easy visual and tactile identification. Series 7121 is a versatile hose for many common industrial welding applications.

• Construction
• General Industrial
• Oil & Gas

• Tube: Black EPDM for oxygen compatibility.
• Tube: Non-blooming to minimize the migration of combustible plasticizers and waxes to the surface of the hoses.
• Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for strength and kink resistance.
• Cover: Green EPDM for abrasion and weathering resistance.

– media
• Oxygen
– usage
• Bending
• Brazing
• Cutting
• Fabricating
• Gouging
• Joining
• Piercing
• Preheating
• Post-heating
• Severing
• Soldering
• Straightening
• Surfacing
• Trimming
– setting
• Auto body shops
• Craft shops
• Garages
• Mines
• Oilfield
• Plumber shops
• Railyards
• Salvage
• Scrapyards
• Shipyards
• Steel mills

Industry Standards:

• Grade R is also suitable for use with inert gas.

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