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#G195AR60-680Manufacturer: GENSTAR TECHNOLOGIES
Manufacturer #:195AR60-680

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Model 195 Series “MIG MASTER” Flowmeter Regulators are designed for MIG &TIG applications to provide accurate regulation of gas flow.They are also ideal for commercial, industrial, and laboratorial applications.

• Regulator is preset at 50PSIG
• 195 Series has single-stage construction
• Polycarbonate flow tube and hood are impact resistant for maximum durability and service life
• Calibrated for argon, helium, carbon dioxide and 75% argon / 25% CO2 mixed gases
• Flowmeter is backpressure compensated to ensure accurate readings when line restrictions are present
• 2” high-pressure gauge for easy reading
• Body machined from class “A” brass
• Chrome plated housing cap of regulator
• Internal pressure relief design
• Sintered bronze inlet filter
• Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz
• UL Listed

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