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#WM-7530Manufacturer: WYPO
Manufacturer #:2


MASTER Tip Cleaner Kit

Set of 22 cleaners

Sizes 6 thru 45+ file

WYPO Tip Cleaners are made in the USA, and proven to be the world’s finest tip cleaners. Our complete inhouse operation, using highly skilled craftsmen, gives you the highest quality product available today.

Primarily designed for the cleaning of welding and cutting tips, they also can be used to clean sprinkler and shower heads, gas range burners and desoldering tools and to allow for precision hole deburring. Their benefits and features include:

· Precision manufactured with controlled accurate pressure form high quality stainless steel.

· Uniform ridges wipe and polish the critical orifice wall.

· Tapered ends allow smooth easy entry without scratching.

· Smooth leader pilot guides the cleaner into the tip, preventing damage to the tip port.

· Tangle-free closed loops.

· Four sets to choose from ( Standard, Master, Jumbo, King ) each guaranteed to be a complete set.

· Attractive aluminum case with a contained spool assembly that snaps out for easy addition of cleaners or spline brush.

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