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SUB ARC GUN HD 15' for Direct Connect to Miller.

#HDMS550-15Manufacturer: PROFAX
Manufacturer #:HDMS550-15

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Standard Features
• 550 Amps @ 60% Duty Cycle
• Easy Installation
• Economical to Operate
• Field Repairable
550 amp Sub Arc gun for mounting on manipulators,
fixtures, side beams, and track machines. Available
with either Lincoln or Miller back end. Designed for
running 1/16” thru 3/32” wire. Available in lengths up
to 15 feet.

AEC 550HD Sub Arc
Same basic design as the AEC 550 except we have added a busbar at
the head to allow you to connect an external piece of 4/0 welding cable
back to your power source for increased duty cycle. For operating at 100% Duty Cycle.

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