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#TE5000-25Manufacturer: TEC TORCH
Manufacturer #:5000-25

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TEC TIG spot weld guns will spot weld such materials
as mild steel, stainless steel, monel, inconel in thickness
of 1/8″ (3,2mm) or less from one side only. The TIG spot
weld process is not suitable for aluminum, galvanized
or coated materials.
The TIG spot weld process uses a conventional TIG welding
machine and must be equipped with a spot timer and
high frequency arc starting. The spot gun is connected
to the welding machine just like a manual TIG torch.
The spot guns are simple to use and are constructed of
durable long lasting material. Replaceable locator tips
are constructed of durable copper and are available for
tacking inside or outside corners, butt and lap joints.

Gun Length 25 Ft.
Chuck Sizes 1/16″ – 1/8″
Electrode Length 7 in. Max.
Weld Current DCSP

Water cooled spot gun rated at 430 amps for heavy duty production applications.

5000-25 25 Ft. Torch Package (Cord Only – No Plug)
5000-25L6 25 Ft. Torch Package (Lincoln® 6 Pin Plug)
5000-25M5 25 Ft. Torch Package (Miller® 5 Pin Plug)
5000-25M14 25 Ft. Torch Package (Miller® 14 Pin Plug)

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