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#WTR-17-25RManufacturer: TEC TORCH
Manufacturer #:WTR-17-25R

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These exciting i-Head torches give new meaning to versatility in TIG welding. Three distinct versions; Flex, Ball or Roto allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs.

The Flex-Neck models allow the torch body to flex, positioning the head at various angles.

The Ball-Joint models feature a swivel ball joint that locks the head in place with a twist of the torch body.

Numerous head styles interchange between the Flex-Head and the Ball-Joint torch models. Both torch styles are available in aircooled with or without a built-in gas valve along with two water-cooled models.

The Roto-Head models feature a torch head that rotates 360°. When in the desired position the head is locked firmly in place. The unique angled torch body allows access to tight weld locations.

All torch bodies and heads are made with resilient high temperature silicone rubber insulation that resist “HF” current leakage, chipping, cracking and withstands temperatures to 500º F.

The water-cooled models are available in deluxe packages featuring soft braided rubber hoses, power cable and a glove soft leather protective cable cover.

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