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#WT-17V-25RManufacturer: TEC TORCH
Manufacturer #:WT-17V-25R


17V 150 A TIG Torch with valve has 12.5′ single cable length and features lightweight and high quality construction. Air-cooled design features comfortable fluted handle that offers non-slip sure grip for precise control. Tungsten ranges from 0.02-5/32 mm and has a rigid head.

Meets the performance needs of the professional
Comfortable fluted handle for a non-slip sure grip for precise control of TIG Torch
Molded lip/ridge on the torch handle for easy connecting of a zippered cable cover
Allows cable cover to be securely attached to torch handle
TEC TIG torches are made from the highest quality materials to assure high performance and long life
V- model torches have a convenient gas control valve on the torch to quickly and easily control the shielding gas flow when a gas solenoid valve is not built-into the power source

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