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MEDICAL FLOW METER 1/2-15 LPM CGA-540 - Oxygen

#M1-540-15FMManufacturer: WESTERN ENTERPRISES
Manufacturer #:M1-540-15FM



• Chrome-plated brass body with all brass high-pressure chamber
• Maximum rated inlet pressure 3000 PSI
• Durable neoprene diaphragm
• Internal reseating relief valve protects against over-pressurization
• Sintered filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life
• 2″ diameter gauge
• 15 LPM Oxygen models provide 75 LPM flood minimum
• 7 LPM models restricted to 10 LPM maximum
• Polycarbonate inner and outer tubes provide greater accuracy
and durability
• Includes plastic swivel hose barb (not shown)
• 6 year limited warranty

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