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#20-3100VManufacturer: WELDAS
Manufacturer #:20-3100V


Weldas SWEATSOpad® is a head protective sweatband made for use underneath helmets. This helmet comforter is considered one of the best in the industry and is a favorite among professional welders. Our sweatbands are definitely one of our most popular products. This product draws in perspiration and releases sweat vapor. It has a hook and loop design to fit most major brands of helmets and headgear. These sweatbands have been field tested in welding, heavy commercial and other industries. This product has been proven to reduce head irritation from helmet, improve the helmet’s grip, and provide maximum perspiration absorption. The 20-3100 V is comprised of 100% fleecy cotton and is flame retardant for added safety. These sweatbands’s innovative design makes wearing a helmet or hard hat more comfortable in both summer and winter months.


Sizes: One Size Fits All, Hook and Loop Closure

Color(s): Orange

Material: Flame Retardant Fleecy Cotton Outer Layer, Air-Cushioned Foam Inner Layer, Hook and Loop for Universal Fit

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