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#DD-1008Manufacturer: MOTOGD
Manufacturer #:DD-1008


This unique product is the only in-line disposable filter that features a color change indicator, signaling time to change the filter. Attaching directly to the spray gun, the Motor Guard Mini Desiccant Dryer removes all traces of water vapor, aerosols and dirt, providing crucial protection for final blow off of body panels and for all stages of painting including the critical application of clear-coats. The key to the performance of the Motor Guard Mini Desiccant Dryer lies in its unique, patented design. A 5 micron, porous bronze element removes fine dirt particles, an oil-absorbent media removes the smallest traces of oil vapor and a charge of desiccant beads traps airborne moisture delivering air to the spray gun at an incredible -40-Degree dew point. The filter features a clear polycarbonate housing and view ports in the nylon guard allow for easy viewing of the moisture indicating desiccant beads. When the bead color changes completely from dark blue (-40-Degree dew point) to pink (0-Degree dew point), the filter should be replaced. The Motor Guard Mini Desiccant Dryer provides a last line of defense against airborne contaminants that are commonly picked up downstream of wall-mounted filtration units and in the air hose leading to the spray gun.

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