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#CM-8Manufacturer: JACKSON
Manufacturer #:14777


A lightweight, easy to use tool for determining angles, the
Pro-Mag Level has two cast-in 25-pound pull magnets that
hold securely to any steel surface. The unit has a 360-degree
adjustable DSL with two 90-degree quadrants graduated
in 2-1/2-degree increments. Also cast in are tables
used to convert degree-of-angle to rise-in-inches-per-foot
or millimetres-per-meter. A groove on the bottom edge
permits use on a small pipe.
The Pro-Mag Level is 9 in. long, 2 in. high and 3/4 in. thick.
It is made from cast aluminum.
The unit is ideal for pipe fitter, welder, jig builder or anyone
who has to determine angles or do setup work.

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