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#FW-38240-TManufacturer: FLANGE WIZARD TOOLS
Manufacturer #:38240-T


The Flange Aligner 38240-T will fit flanges with holes from 1/2” to 1-7/16” diameter.

All models of the Pipe Aligner will two-hole (make 2 holes of the flange horizontally level with the ground) and vertically level the face of the flange in ONE easy step.
Threaded models have fast release double lead threads.
All models have one pin that has a 360° vial for easier vertical leveling that just “snaps” in and out for easy replacement.
The Pipe Flange Aligner saves valuable fit-up time, in most cases it cuts fit-up time in half and eliminates the frustration of balancing a level on the pins.
All models are machined from steel to make a very sturdy and lasting tool.

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