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#XT-500APManufacturer: ATLAS-LENCO
Manufacturer #:XT-500AP

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The Atlas Model 500 Welding Positioner is designed for those heavy parts turning jobs that require a truly rugged industrial piece of equipment. lt will handle properly balanced loads of 500 pounds in the horizontal position.

Four brass grounding brushes in constant contact with the table mounting boss route welding current to a 1/2″-13 grounding stud at the rear of the machine. Heat generating welding current does not pass through the bearings or shaft, which greatly enhances bearing and shaft life.

Convenient front panel mounted controls are protected from damage by the overhang of the 14″ table and also by the heavy-duty handles that aid in moving the machine.

Table operating speed is set by adjusting the speed control dial. A forward-off-reverse switch controls table rotation direction. A full speed override switch is provided which allows the operator to rapidly advance the table to a new position to accommodate intermittent or stitch welding techniques. Releasing the switch returns the table rotation to the previously selected operating speed.

The brake-on-off switch allows the operator to select Dynamic Braking that rapidly stops the table rotation when the foot switch is released. Off position on this control allows the table to coast to a smooth stop when braking is not required. Dynamic braking may induce additional heat into the motor and may not be needed for all jobs. This Model 500 selective control feature lets you choose.

The Model 500’s foot switch controls the on-off functlon of the table. It’s ergonomic, low profile design lets the operator rest his heel comfortably on the floor for strain free, day long use. A safety enclosure guards the switch.

Front panel mounted fuse holder provides motor overload protection.

All circuit boards, switches, wiring, and cord sets are mounted to the front panel. In the event of electrical problems the panel can be quickly removed for diagnostics and repair. On request and for additional charge, all control panel functions can be supplied in a remote control box connected to Model 500 via a cord set.

Table Speed – 0 – 3.0 RPM
Motor – 1/4 HP, DC
Power Requirement – 115 VAC 50/60 Hz 10′ cord with plug supplied.
Start/Stop Control – Foot switch with 8’cord
Weldlng Ground Circuit – 400 Amps
Control Panel Functions:
Table Rotation – Forward-Off Reverse.
Speed Control – Full Range Precision control w/ IR compensation
Full Speed Override – On-off
Dynamic Braking – On-Off
Dimensions – 10″ H, 14.5″ W, 15.5″ D
Net Weight – 95 lbs.

Argon purge valve is available by adding “AP” to part number (ie. XT-500AP)

*Listed Table Speeds may vary +- 10%. Please specify speed desired when odering.

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