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Atlas Positioner Model XT-200 0.5-2.5 RPM - 10" TABLE AT-200-0-2

#XT-200-0-2Manufacturer: ATLAS-LENCO
Manufacturer #:XT-200-0-2

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The Atlas Model 200 Welding Positioner is ideally suited for those short-to-long run welding jobs requiring rotary fixturing and positioning. This compact but husky unit will help boost your production on all those hard to handle jobs requiring circular welding (small spheres and pressure vessels, flange to pipe, pipe to pipe, etc.)

The Model 200 will handle properly balanced loads of up to 200 pounds when in the horizontal position. The heavy duty grounding circuit allows use of stick electrode, MIG or TIG welding processes.

Desired operating speed is set on the front control panel by adjusting the solid state constant torque and speed control dial.

The unit comes standard with an on-off foot control to allow hands free starting and stopping. The optional rheost-type foot switch controls the on / off function of the Model 200 and also allows the operator to feather the table speed where required. Also located on the front panel is a “Forward-Off-Reverse” rotation selector switch, and an easily accessible 2 amp fuse for motor overload protection.

The Model 200 Positioner tilts a full 130° forward and 15° backward. The table angle is adjusted by means of a worm gear assembly and is locked in at the desired angle by tightening a hand screw firmly against a slotted locking plate.

XT-200 (Standard) Low Speed 2.5 RPM – Max Speed 9.5 RPM
XT-200-0-2 (Optional) Low Speed 0.4 RPM – Max Speed 2.3 RPM
XT-200-0-4 (Optional) Low Speed 1.0 RPM – Max Speed 5.2 RPM
XT-200-0-18 (Optional) Low Speed 5.0 RPM – Max Speed 21 RPM

Argon purge valve is available on any model by adding “AP” to part number (ie. XT-200AP)

Motor – DC Permanent magnet motor
Power Requirement – 115 VAC 60 cycle @ 1.3 amps 5’3″ conductor cord with plug supplied.
Speed Control – Solid State electronic feedback
Star/Stop Control – Foot switch with 6’cord (XT-0-18)
Dimenslons – 9.25″ H, 10.625″ W, 12.25″ D
Net Weight – 41 lbs.
Shipping Weight – 45 lbs.

*Listed lable Speeds may vary +-10%. Please specify speed desired when ordering.

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