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#BD-1Manufacturer: BERNARD
Manufacturer #:D-1


Bernard® CenterFire™ Large Gas Diffuser offers tapered, secure mating with drop-in Centerfire Contact Tips for better electrical conductivity.
Bernard® Centerfire™ nozzles have a built-in spatter shield that smooth’s and concentrates gas flow for less weld oxidation and contamination
Centerfire nozzles allow fixed tip positioning at flush, 1/8 in and 1/4 in recess and 1/8 in extension for consistent welds
No tools required to replace tip or nozzle
Drop-In tip with no threads means quick change after burn back, reducing down time
Large diameter tip base and tapered seat provides better electrical conductivity and heat transfer
Spatter shield within nozzle protects diffuser and gives smoother, less turbulent gas flow
Solid, concentric relationship between tip and nozzle keeps tip centered even after hard use… and abuse
Threaded nozzle holds tip fixed at 1/4 in or 1/8 in recess, flush, or 1/8 in stickout
Complete family of tips and nozzles is available to meet most of your welding needs
1/8 in Recessed

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